Classes and Fees

Fees are due at registration signing. 

Little Dragons4-9 years age$50/month
Beginners10 years & older - White and Yellow$75/month
Color BeltsGreen and Blue belts$87/month
Red & Black BeltsRed and above$100/month

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Belt LevelTest Fee
Little Dragons: White to Orange Stripe$30
Little Dragons: Orange Stripe to Green Stripe$35
Little Dragons: Green Stripe to Blue Stripe$40
Little Dragons: Blue Stripe to Red Stripe$45
Little Dragons: Red Stripe to Yellow Stripe$50
White Belt to Yellow Stripe$50
Yellow Stripe to Yellow Belt$60
Yellow Belt to Green Stripe$70
Green Stripe to Green Belt$80
Green Belt to Blue Stripe$90
Blue Stripe to Blue Belt$100
Blue Belt to Red Stripe$115
Red Stripe to Red Belt$130
Red Belt to Black Stripe$150
Black Stripe/Black BeltSee Master Sommer